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Shen Shen



        Shen made a name for herself in the 80s, as the first female graffiti artist on the West Coast. She studied under John Pugh, Mark English, and Fred Otnes. Her formal art education was at the Illustration Academy in Kansas City, MO.


Shen was a featured artist for NYC Comic Con and the San Jose Museum of Art. She’s produced commissioned works for icons such as Jack Nicholson, Carroll Shelby, and Liza Minelli. Shen is best known for her soulful portraits over the course of almost four decades. As a vanguard graffiti artist, Shen continually elevates her signature style, bringing the street art medium to galleries, mural projects in public spaces, and private

commissions across the globe.


Her unique aerosol art captures the heart and spirit of her subjects in ways that engage, move, and inspire. Her mission is to paint love across the world, bringing hope and joy into the hearts of many, one painting at a time. 


Now living in Spring, Texas, the artist exhibits her work in galleries, public spaces, and museum exhibitions across the country.

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