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female sculptor, creating a large scale colorful cat that is made of fluffy squares..jpg
Female model wearing an outrages outfit, with 3-d sculpted objects..jpg
Male Artist, creating a large-scale painting and filled with color.jpg
Black male artist with afro creating large scale sculpture that looks like a hand.jpg
red head female artist, sitting in wheelchair, splattering paint on a canvas and while bei

​          The Eclectic Arts Movement (T.E.A.M.) operates as a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization and spearheads the Begin My Movement Project. We embrace artists of all abilities, including those with autism, blindness, deafness, down syndrome and multiple disabilities, encouraging their participation in our diverse exhibitions.


All artistic mediums are welcome, fostering a space for self-expression beyond societal constraints.

T.E.A.M. will be giving an exclusive opportunity to 27 Artists to exhibit during the illustrious Art Basel and Art Week Miami. These 27 artists will be featured at the Multi-ZEN-Sery and M-Z-S Exhibition at LUCID Gallery.

        To be part of the Multi-ZEN-Sery or M-Z-S Exhibition and a member of the Begin My Movement Project, through The Eclectic Arts Movement T.E.A.M. each Artist must be evaluated before registering individually even if working as a Duo or in a Triumvirs.

    How an Artist or Group is chosen:

  • A Solo: The individual Artist must be accepted.

  • A Duo: One Artists must be at least chosen for both Artists to participate.

  • A Triumvirs: Two Artists must be accepted for all three Artists to Participate.

Please follow Link to Pre- Registration

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         The Begin My Movement Project (B.M.M.) created by T.E.A.M. stands head and shoulders above the rest in the art world. While others offer mere exhibitions, we provide a transformative experience that catapults artists and designers into the spotlight.  With not one, but two prestigious exhibitions in Houston and Miami, including the coveted Art Basel trip, our platform propels your career to new heights. And that's just the beginning.

Imagine the thrill of securing your own solo exhibition at the esteemed Flat Land Gallery in Houston, a dream opportunity to make into reality.  Our lifetime membership to a virtual gallery ensures your work is showcased indefinitely, reaching global audiences without limits. And let's talk revenue — with our innovative print-on-demand service, you dictate your earnings and like never before expanding your financial horizons.

Why settle for a fleeting moment in the spotlight when you can join a movement that's revolutionizing the art world? The Begin My Movement Project isn't just an option; it's the ultimate choice for artists and designers ready to thrive. Don't miss out — seize the moment and become part of something extraordinary today.

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Artists & Designers

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MZS & Multi-ZEN-Sery Package.png
3-D Package.png
SOLO Artist Package.png
GROUP Artist Package.png
VISUAL Art & Design Package.png
FASHION Designers Package.png
SOLO Fashion Design Package.png
Little old man, with grey hair, working on a large avant-garde heart statue and in his art
autistic teenage black girl, working on painting, smiling and wearing colorful clothing..jpg
autistic teenager, working on his pencil drawings, smiling and wearing colorful clothing..jpg
male model wearing an outrages outfit, with 3-d sculpted spheres..jpg
Little old lady, with purple hair, working on a large statue sculpture of a mermaid and in
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