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B.M.M. Project


Local, State & International


​         The Eclectic Arts Movement (T.E.A.M.) operates as a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization and spearheads the Begin My Movement Project. We embrace artists of all abilities, including those with autism, blindness, deafness, down syndrome and multiple disabilities, encouraging their participation in our diverse exhibitions.


All artistic mediums are welcome, fostering a space for self-expression beyond societal constraints.

T.E.A.M. will be giving an exclusive opportunity to 33 Artists to exhibit during the illustrious Art Basel and Art Week Miami. These 33 artists will be featured at the Multi-ZEN-Sery and M-Z-S Exhibition at LUCID Gallery


The Multi-ZEN-Sery Exhibition is an evolving, inspired extension to the Begin My Movement Project. Together, T.E.A.M. and LUCID Gallery will collaborate with 11 devoted artists, laying the groundwork for the Senses Exhibitions. These 11 artists will be working in conjunction with families and individuals with special needs to create multisensory, interactive and avant-garde sculpted tables. These multisensory, interactive and avant-garde sculpted tables will be inspired by the chosen artworks for the Multi-ZEN-Sery Exhibition during Art Basel and Art Week Miami at LUCID Gallery.

The M-Z-S Exhibition will give an extended and exclusive invite to 22 Artists that will be displaying an eclectic array of styles and mediums by artists not only from the United States but from countries far and wide.  M-Z-S will be uniting artists from all walks of life, including those who are autistic, blind, deaf, with down syndrome, and are multi-handicap.


The participating 33 Artists will be setting the gold standard in creating true inclusivity for the future of exhibitions and the community at large.

      To be part of the Multi-ZEN-Sery or M-Z-S Exhibition and a member of the Begin My Movement Project, through The Eclectic Arts Movement T.E.A.M. each Artist must register individually even if working as a Duo or in a Triumvirs.

    How an Artist or Group is chosen:

  • A Solo: The individual Artist must be accepted.

  • A Duo: One Artists must be at least chosen for both Artists to participate.

  • A Triumvirs: Two Artists must be accepted for all three Artists to Participate.

Please follow Link to Register

ALL Mediums and Styles are accepted.



To receive an exclusive invitation to submit your artworks.


SEND a TEXT to 346.473.6062 with the Following INFORMATION to:


  • Full Name

  • E- Mail

  • Social Media(All that Showcase Artworks)

  • Website (If Available)  

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