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         Lola Muñoz, was born in Valencia, Spain, in 1983, Graduated in Fine Arts by the Polytechnic University of Valencia, multidisciplinary artist, teacher of art. After living in Mexico where she forms a family, she takes advantage of the profound changes of a traumatic experience in the birth of her eldest son and all the processes that motherhood entails, this gave her the opportunity to look for herself and transform adverse situations into learning through the development of her creativity, channeling all this, through Art. She resumes her artistic career in a more professional way, balancing her professional development with the respectful full-time upbringing of their children.

Her career is just being consolidated since they decided to return to Spain, she arrives fascinated by nature, Mexican culture and its beautiful crafts, being this a point of reference in her work. She returns to her native country, with a more mature vision and influenced by Mesoamerican cultures and all their cosmogony. They decide to move to the countryside, looking for a space where creativity and artistic production continue to flow in sync with the upbringing of their children, seeking to find a harmony between artistic creation and motherhood.


Her artistic work is influenced by symbolism, metaphysics, art-therapy, cultures with a cosmogony, and sacred geometries, focuses on the search for the innate qualities of the human soul, through the connection with nature, the representation of different archetypes, mythologies and esoteric symbols, cycles, metamorphosis, astronomy, fauna and flora that surrounds it.


She works through two lines on the one hand she makes collage drawn and painted in the oil along with decoupage techniques, in which she uses meditations, visualizations and intuition for the progress of her works of art, seeking healing and understanding of the concepts with which she works and on the other hand, she makes engravings with the technique of lipography, in which she investigates on different archetypes and myths present in cultures such as Mesoamerican, Nordic or oriental.


She thinks that Art can be a tool of social transformation with which to remind society what are the true values of the human being in union with nature and its processes, beyond separatist and egoic ideologies, since when conceiving a society in union with nature, it conceives a unitary humanity and coming from the same cosmic energy, we need to return to sacralized the nature, feel the magic of the elements, like all indigenous people do.

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