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Zhongxiu Ding

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Ding Zhongxiu was born in 1946 in Qingdao, is a renowned contemporary Chinese painter, the originator of the northern school of rock painting, which is a new faction with the new look and technique of Chinese art.


He also established his own artistic style with great attainments in painting, plum blossom, Peony, and in calligraphy. 


Ding loved the rocks because he saw himself in the rocks and found the spiritual realm he pursued. His life has been suffering, he observed the rocks, understand the spirit of the rocks, with his pen and ink to describe the rocks, but also in the brush stroke to describe himself. The tranquility and desolation of the rocks, the tenacity and grandeur of the rocks, the strength of the rocks to survive, and the honesty and integrity of the rocks are just like the thick and simple, vicissitudes and openness left by his life after suffering. 


After the test of time, rocks are as immovable as they are, without losing their heart, that make them the bones of heaven and earth. When people stand between heaven and earth, the soul should be like this.

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