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I AMCharitable

I AMCharitable

I AMCharitable

Dear Families & Friends,


      May this message find you well and in optimal health.


We are writing to express our heartfelt gratitude for taking the time to know The Eclectic Arts Movement. By you being charitable is extremely instrumental in our mission, to unite artists in creating a Multisensory and Interactive Arts Exhibition for all but specifically catered to children and young adults with disabilities.


Through your contributions, we will be able to bring together talented artists from diverse backgrounds to collaborate on this groundbreaking exhibition, which aims to provide an inclusive and enriching artistic experience for individuals of all abilities.


Your support not only helps us in realizing this vision but also plays a crucial role in fostering unity and understanding within our community.


We are thrilled to announce that with your assistance, we will be able to take our exhibition to Miami for its renowned Art BASEL and Art Week.


This opportunity allows us to showcase the incredible talents of our artists on a global stage, reaching audiences from all corners of the world. By participating in these prestigious events through LUCID Gallery in the Design District, we aim to spread awareness, open hearts, minds, and souls, and promote inclusivity and acceptance through the power of art.


Furthermore, your charitable donations will also help us in laying the foundation for our future endeavors. We aspire to establish a permanent brick-and-mortar gallery, space, and studios where artists of all backgrounds and abilities can come together to create, collaborate, and inspire.


Your continued support will enable us to turn this dream into a reality and continue making a positive impact in our community and beyond.


Once again, we extend our deepest gratitude for your generosity and unwavering support.


Together, we can make a difference and create a more inclusive and compassionate world through the transformative power of art.


With sincere appreciation,


Nelson Delgado Jr.

Creative Director

The Eclectic Arts Movement

9 year old boy and girl with hazel eyes hugging.jpg
2 kids hugging wearing colorful clorhing with white background.jpg
9 year old black boy with white boy with hazel green eyes hugging.jpg
boy autism with hazel eyes wearing colorful clothing on a white solid background very happy.jpg
2 Latino boys, happy, wearing colorful clothing and on a white background..jpg
Asian and black girl with colorful clothing hugging and white background.jpg


Below you have the chance in choosing to invest or sponsor:


  • Artist or Designer.


  • The Exhibition transportation of Artworks to Miami.

  • The Begin My Movement Project

I AMCharitable

I AMCharitable

Sponsor an Artist or Designer

six Happy Artists from different nationalities, creating colorful art..jpg

Your Charitable Donation here, will contribute and assist an Artist or Designer with covering cost of one or all of the following:


  • Registration

  • Materials

  • Supplies

  • Participation.

Let's support our artists and designers by giving them the tools and means in crafting stunning and unique artworks and multisensory displays.


Together let's Begin Our Movement here in Houston, with our Kickoff Exhibition and then extend our message to Miami during Art BASEL, while showcasing at LUCID Gallery.

Transportation to Miami

Room full of large scale colorful Artwork and Sculptures..jpg

Your Charitable Donation here, will contribute and cover cost to Transport the Artworks and Multisensory Displays:


  • Truck

  • Labor 

  • Packaging


Together let's Begin Our Movement here in Houston, with our Kickoff Exhibition and then extend our message to Miami during

Art BASEL, by showcasing every participating piece at LUCID Gallery.

Beyond Charitable

little girl, with red hair in wheelchair and boy wearing colorful clothing with white back

Your Charitable Donation here, will contribute to the overall Begin My Movement Project and The Multi-ZEN-Sery Exhibition:


  • Future Exhibitions.

  • Cargo Van, Truck and Trailer for Transporting Art.

  • The M-Z-S Gallery (Brick and Mortar).

  • T.E.A.M. Studios and Community Classrooms (Brick and Mortar).


Together let's Begin the Movement. Yours, Mine and Theirs and together we unite to make it Ours!

I AMCharitable

I AMCharitable

I AMCharitable

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