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Teresa Staley is a multidisciplinary Houston-based artist who was born in Australia and grew up in West Houston. With a degree in Visual Communications from the Art Institute of Houston with Honors. She is a self-made businesswoman that created the decorative/painting company Murals & Faux By Design.  She also created and ran the Art Machine Gallery in The Silos with former partner. 

Staley is a professional visual artist that was honored twice to have received the 2021 and 2022 River Awards Visual Artist award and has won an international art award.

She currently has a studio with fellow artists at Winter Street Studios. 

Staley is involved in many art exhibitions in the Houston area and is recently a founding member of the Baptist Temple Artifex Team.


A master at old-world realism, Staley also proves she can conquer a variety of other styles such as; Abstract, Pop Art, Multi-Media, and Fantasy. Her fine artwork could be described as eclectic, merging romantic fantasy and realism. 


 She mainly works in acrylic, oil, digital and mixed media. Her style has been described as having echoes of Classical painting with mystery and depth. Staley’s work transports you back in time current subject matter.

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