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        Nancy Ofori is a 2nd-career artisan and teacher with an irrational preoccupation with fibrous materials. Her love affair with textiles and craft arts began very early, but she didn’t dare dream of being an artist as a kid.


Born in Mexico City, Nancy was brought to this country (the country of her citizenship) when she was just eight years old. Being raised in relative poverty in South Central Los Angeles, she had no idea what it meant to be an artist – let alone to work as an artist.


She was well into adulthood before she finally gave herself permission to discover her design through Creativity. Nancy now lives and works in Houston, TX, with her husband, two children, and one feline grandchild.


She is a staff art instructor at the Glassell Junior School of the Museum of Fine Art Houston and spends summers on Camano Island in Washington State.

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