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        Milagros Bernales Lavalle is not only an interdisciplinary Visual Artist with great experience but also an Art Director, Photographer, TV Producer and Filmmaker.

She has worked in different artistic styles and materials such as fashion, interiordesign, as well as canvas painting, sculpture and installations.


Her passion for Art has led her to take studies in different disciplines related to artistic and visual expression in order to transmit her vision from various aspects of social communication without limits.


In this way she has become a well-rounded artist, and through her brushes, photographs and film projects she has established a close connection with the audience on a higher level artistically and spiritually. Her artistic development never stops, she constantly continues to improve and acquire more knowledge about new ways of storytelling, which continues to lead her to achieve greater professional fulfillment, personal goals and thus be able to continue extending her connection strings to the world.

Based on her important artistic merits and exhibitions held she was recognized in 2007 among the 100 contemporary artists, featuring in the book “100 International Contemporary Artists” published by the European Communities Artists Library, in Barcelona, Spain, this publication was also
sponsored by the Museum of the Americas, located in Doral, Florida.

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