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Laura Bennett



Laura Bennett is Multidisciplinary Artist based in Houston, TX with a primary focus on mural art and custom pieces.


As a child she was in a constant state of creativity, whether it was drawing, painting, writing poetry, performing plays, sewing, and or creating pottery.


She was a young creative force but as she moved into adolescence it was if all of her creativity vanished. It became clear to her and in her young adult life. What was the point of creating Art? If she wasn’t the absolute best artist.


Almost a decade passed, she had no part of a creative outlet, and this longing of what once was. Inserted within her a self-awareness a hunger to make a change.


She called to that inner child, she once knew and faithfully did not abandon her. To her surprise that child awakened and began to heal her in more ways than she could ever imagined. Once again giving her the inspiration to create.


“The feeling of getting lost in creation, calming the nervous system long enough for the hand to start moving intuitively. It’s a quiet and beautiful state, that is seldom achieved but when it is—it’s the

closest thing to magic.” - Laura


For Laura, arts process in going from a blank wall, or a white canvas and to a finished piece. Glosses over the story too quickly.


Once she has reached that state of oneness. She no longer feels it is her but more of a spatial, euphoric out of body experience.


“My work is the product of that strange magical time. I love using lots of colors and even when I make more muted pieces, they end up colorful.” - Laura


Laura loves creating Art that lights the viewer from within. The mission of her artistic expression is to spread joy from her light to yours.

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