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         Janelle Marie Kelley is a visual artist specializing in 3d mixed media, using acrylic and resin as her main mediums. Her realistic characters manifest themselves in vivid colors and other media to add depth and contrast evoking a multidimensional perspective.


She is best known for her custom combination of photo realism and fluid art as well as exotic sea life pieces. Her signature style consists of integrating digitally manipulated images, merging with tangible objects that leap from the surface.


Janelle's art is meant to transplant the viewer into a mind space of wonder, beauty, and escape in an otherwise strange and unpredictable universe. Born and raised in Florida she is a self-taught artist legitimizing what once was a hobby into a career in September of 2021.


Her work can be found in Tampa, St. Pete, Miami, Key West and throughout the state of Florida. Janelle holds three licenses with the DBPR and has been a stylist, makeup artist, and barber for over a decade. She focuses primarily on commission pieces, events, and exhibits. Currently she creates from her studio in St. Petersburg, Florida making pieces that are highly sought after with an ever increasing demand for her work.

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