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Gloria Davis




Gloria Davis began her artistic journey as a commercial artist and began to create oil paintings that would catapult her art career into the future after a sleepy hiatus.


It was worth the wait. Not only is Gloria back in the saddle, but she is riding high. After only 2 years of throwing herself back into her art in faith. She has accomplished more than most visual artists in her field.


She has been a resident artist at; Aurora Studios, Hardy and Nance Studios and The W.O.W. Gallery. She has also exhibited her work at Archway Gallery in Houston, and which is quite an honor.


Gloria is soft spoken and utterly humble, but you would never guess by viewing her work. With whispers of O'Keeffe influence, she takes her floral subject matter and breathes a fire of bold and explosive color into it.


Her use of light and shadow are impeccably rendered so that the art seduces you into it's perfectly rendered folds of blended paint and glossy botanical parts.


Her work is demanding of your attention and hard to pull away from.


Gloria finds peace, God and beauty in making her art. Through her process she shares this with her viewer in her finished work. Her talent has been embraced in the Houston art world and she is well loved and respected.

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