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A native of France, I grew up in a creative family atmosphere where almost everything was multidimensional. I learned at an early age how to create shapes and volumes through my introduction to plasterwork with my dad who was a master at it. Traveling around the world, I was influences by the artisans’ craftmanship of this beautiful planet.

When I got old enough, I discovered Matterism with Jean Dubuffet’s paintings, and the work of Jean Fautrier with his Hostages series. Later, I felt in love with the painter Bram Bogart. I received my diploma in fine arts and jewelry design in the south of France.

Shortly thereafter, I devoted several years to interior design, fashion and graphic arts design in Paris and Hong Kong, winning several awards for design in France. In the late 1990s, I began again to focus my attention to painting, my original passion.
For years, my paintings were based on an opulent use of material which became the source of texture, and these textures a foundation of my creative process. I enjoyed manipulating material, including plastics, resin, glass, paper, metal, ceramic, and plaster in collage-type compositions. Light and perspective are created through the translucence or opacity of these individual components, as they are synthesized in the piece. Recently, I started to work on a smoother aspect in my artwork, and currently am exploring this exhilarating new path.
In 2005, I moved from France to the US and currently reside in Houston, Texas where I also have a residential interior design business. - - I have exhibited my work in southern France, Paris,
Washington DC, and San Francisco. I have also created art for installation in several private residences.

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