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             I was born in Mexico City, on a Monday, September 4, 2000. I live in Houston,
Texas. I have wanted to be an artist since I was 4 years old. As a child, I would
draw for hours on the large blank art canvases my mother bought me, rather than
playing outside or watching cartoons. After years growing up my life, I started
drawing my own imagination and based on dreams, sleep paralysis, etc.” Art is
important for me because it helps me to relax and get my feelings and thoughts
out of my brain.
My passionate artwork has been recognized by several National and
International Art Contests, Galleries, Magazines, and Festivals:
§ Inspiring Latino Award, by LULAC The League of United Latin American
Citizens- Houston, Tx 2021.
§ 1st. Place in 2017, Amigas y Amigos de Otros Lados Art Competition,
organized by The United Nations and other important organizations in
Mexico. I received the Award from the Commissioner of Geneva at The
Museo del Papalote, with work that captured what it’s like to immigrate to
another country in search of a better life and opportunity which mirrors my
own journey to Texas.
§ 4th. Place in 2012, National Art Contest in Mexico called The First
Imaginantes Children Drawing Contest organized by Televisa Foundation.
Televisa-Univision is a multimedia mass media company largest in Latin
§ 5 consecutive years to the UIL Art Contest Titled Jr. VASE, getting the highest
grade every year.
§ Annual Art Magazine MITARAKA, 2021 and 2022, by Collectivitè Territoriale
de Guyane and Ministère de la Culture France.
§ Virtual Fairs of the International Book Confederation of Colombia,
Argentina, USA, and United Kingdom.
§ Considered a Latino Leader in the "Hispanic Heritage Month" category in
the month of September 2021. The story of my work has been published in
"OutSmart Magazine."
§ Graduated with honors and Awards in Art in Middle School and High School.
§ Exhibitions in galleries in Houston, Tx.
§ The Glassell Junior School of Art, classes, exhibitions, and annual galas.
Currently I am studying Fine Arts degree at HCC. My dream is to receive more
support to exhibit my artworks at art museums.
Throughout my life I have encountered difficulties such as having “autism
spectrum disorder” but I have taken refuge in the source of my own creativity to
transform adversity into art. Art is my passion!

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