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Emily Dingmann is a Houston, Texas based visual artist whose work has been exhibited in Sawyer Yards, Momentum, Winter Street Gallery, the Yancey Richardson Gallery and throughout Texas. Emily Dingmann’s work is in international private collections and public collections such as Ellison Heights and Regent Square in Houston, Texas.

Dingmann has been featured in Glasstire, Essential’s Magazine and PaperCity Magazine and has participated in international art fairs including the Matsudo Science & Arts Festival, Tokyo, Japan.

Emily Dingmann graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York, NY with a BFA and was part of the Mentorship program with the Yancey Richardson Gallery, NY. Dingmann was a council member of Sawyer Yards and the curator at Winter Street Studios. Dingmann was also the art director at Motel 45 Art Space in Houston. Emily Dingmann currently has a studio in Winter Street Studios.

Artist Statement

My paintings are abstractions of personal narratives. I set out to create emotionally immersive painting passages taking the viewer on a visual journey through my compositions. One example is how I contrast large graphic elements with small, detailed collage sections which can be discovered and explored over time.

Collaged images and found objects ground the work and further a connection to nature, our shared source. The occasional literal references like a clock, building or face adds touch points of shared realities bonding us together through universal themes.

                                                                                                                            - Emily Dingmann

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