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        Brittany Ellis lives and works in Houston, Texas where she was born and raised. She obtained her BFA in 2021 from the Academy of Art University. Her background as a painter, photographer, and innovator inspires her multifaceted compositions. Combining painting, unconventional objects, and sculpture she creates celestial 3D relief narratives that explore concepts in space.

Mixing 2D and 3D concepts create a juxtaposition of the nostalgic past of youth hood and the reality of the present. Her most recent art series “Space to Earth” explores this concept through its use of drawn graph lines and extinct phases of planet Earth throughout history.


Brittany’s works are included in the permanent collections of the International Collage Museum. Exhibitions including The Contemporary Art Museum Houston: Contents under pressure exhibit (09), The De Young Museum: New Generations Matter Exhibit (2012), Arts Benicia: Fragments The art of collage and assemblage Exhibition (2015), Art Museum of South Texas (2020).

Artists Statement

        From an early age, I've always been an avid daydreamer and imagining I was somewhere other than
where I was. As a child, my alphabet sheets were joined by paper doodles of stars and planets.

While my adult life was filled with post-it doodles during downtime between clients. Whether as a child or as an adult I searched for an escape from reality through the mystery of space. Space became a secret getaway from difficult times during school as a child and now as an adult with work. My series “Space to Earth” narrates the continental drift phases of Earth throughout time using my imagination. Extending acrylic graph lines with text blocks replicate the evolutionary “March of Progress” which fuse into a textured space background and 3D sculpted Earth.


Using a vertical format simulates the feeling of transiting from reality to daydreaming. Each painting's
daydream is a peek into the past time of Earth. Leonardo Da Vinci once said,


“The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of.”


Within this series, I painted what I see. Each narrative is how I saw the world as a child and how I continue to see it when my imagination is sparked. With this collection, I wanted to bring the feeling of wonder I experience in my daydreams to life for others. While also showing the magic of not only space but the imagination of children that can bloom into the optimism of an artist.

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