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     Born in Rhode Island in 1973 of Italian and Lebanese descent, Brett Cimino spent his adult career as a plumber and contractor. In December 2012, he was forced to have neck surgery.


Though difficult and painful, it opened his eyes to the world of self- creation. Naturally hyper-productive and finding himself in traction, he sought something to build. Given his physical constraints denied him his body, he began a new life as a creative, writing his first book and painting while recovering.

Seven years later and without formal visual arts training, Cimino has created an enormous body of paintings that speak to the pain, joy, and absurdity of being human through intimate tales that are full of irony, humor, and terror.  His work is energetic and purposeful, autobiographical, and filled with social commentary.

Artists Statement

“Some visuals sting so hard that they bring tears to my eyes, with others, a moment of happiness. Either way, it’s all about emotion; a feeling of raw nostalgia, the history of a mark that can tell a thousand stories.  The relationships between colors and shapes make me emotionally stimulated.  They remind me of things I’ve seen or experienced in my life or what other people go through. I paint to process, to filter, and frankly to stay
alive.” -
 Brett Cimino

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