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The Eclectic Arts Movement



    We are a unique organization that brings together artists from all walks of life, including those with specific disabilities, that inspire, collaborate and exhibit with or as artists.


    We also welcome families with individuals who are Autistic, Blind, Deaf, with Down Syndrome, and are Mult-handicap. These families and individuals join us, to inspire and guide us in creating the first multisensory and interactive Arts Gallery.


     These diverse artists join our creative community not only from the United States but from countries far and wide. T.E.A.M. is venturing into uncharted territory as we blend spirituality, creativity, community, and charitable works, embracing artists of all backgrounds and abilities. 


As the artists grow and evolve, so do we all. We strive to nurture and support the arts community, going beyond all that it has to offer to celebrate and express the purest sensations and rawness of unedited emotions.


Join our mailing list, become part of our diverse roster of Artists, or be a Charitable Sponsor or Supporter, and most definitely join our family, especially as part of a T.E.A.M.


Come be part of the Movement, The Eclectic Arts Movement, where we can Create, Inspire, and Evolve together.


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Unite with T.E.A.M.

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